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Tensioned Fabric

Tensioned Fabric

The heart of our system is a very special white, 100% recyclable, fire retardant knitted polyester fabric with a non-reflective finish.

The fabric starts as a 3metre wide white cloth which is printed on one side using a high-tech dye sublimation print process using water-based (and therefore ecofriendly) inks. To optimize image quality, we print at up to 1440dpi compared with most fabric printers who print at 600dpi.

After printing, the fabric is subjected to a further process involving intense heat up to 200 degrees which permanently fuses the image in to the yarn. This means that even if the fabric is stretched to its limit, the white yarn will not grin through the image and the print colours will be resistant to UV light.

If the fabric panel needs cleaning, simply pull the release tag or carefully prise one corner of the fabric panel out of the frame, remove and place in a standard washing machine on a 30 degree wash. Once spin-dried the panel will be ready for replacing in the frame and any stubborn creases can be removed by steaming using a domestic steam iron – simply project the steam onto the tensioned fabric panel from a distance of 20-40mm; actual ironing is not necessary.


Alternatively, the customer may want to have a complete facelift. Measure the panel size (outside edge of frame to outside edge) and forward to us with your artwork. We will post the new panel – for you to install. The old membrane can be returned to Creatif for recycling.

When using tensioned fabric panels in lightboxes, we can use a different light-diffusing fabric. Please note that this fabric is not recyclable. For illuminated and non-illuminated applications the fixing method is the same. A continuous 14 x 3mm silicone bead is sewn to the four edges of the fabric panel, which itself is sized precisely to suit the unique frame size, using a formula which takes into account the bleed (the overlap of fabric to which the silicone bead is sewn) and an allowance for fabric stretch dependant on the overall panel size.

Please note that the installation method is incredibly simple but there is a particular sequence to be followed – please refer to Installation Instructions for more detail.

All our fabrics are certificated as fire rated to European standards. The German standard is known as DIN4102-1 (B1) and the equivalent French standard is M1.