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Workpod Installation

Workpod Installation

Step 1
Connect aluminum frame together using corner cleats and (if required, in-line cleats) and gently tighten grub screws

Step 2
If installing acoustic material, apply VHB double-sided tape (supplied) to outside face of central flange if installing a pod, any side if installing panels

Step 3
Position Correx sheet with flutes running vertically, push firmly into place and cut in final sheet to close of pod or panel

Step 4
Apply additional layer of Correx sheet in the same way, overlapping the joints

Step 5
Peel backing from acoustic foam and bond 6mm foam to external face of Correx and 25mm foam to internal face of Correx

Step 6
Offer up the fabric and start in the top left corner by turning the silicone bead over by 90degrees and pushing home a 75mm length into the horizontal and vertical perimeter grooves in the aluminium frame

Step 7
Repeat this process in each corner


Step 8
Go to the mid-point on each side of the frame and push home a 200mm strip of silicone bead

Step 9
Work your way along between mid-points and corners taking care not to stretch or compress the silicone bead.

Step 10
If the fabric is too slack you may have stretched the silicone bead in which case you should remove the fabric, let it contract and then start again. Alternatively, double over the bead and fabric and trim off the excess in the corners

Step 11
If the fabric is very taut you may have to grip the silicone bead and fabric and gently tug to slightly stretch the fabric so you can push the bead in; alternatively store the fabric in a cold room overnight or dampen with water with an atomizer to get the fabric to relax

Step 12
Using the reverse (blunt) edge of the Stanley knife, tuck in any stray fabric to tidy the corners, taking care not to slice the fabric


Installation timeline